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  • Emits loud 130 dB alarm blast
  • Recessed alarm button to prevent accidental activation
  • Measures only 2.5" long

Additional Description

Security alarms do not only work for your home and office, they are also an effective method of self-protection. With this Keychain Panic Alarm, you now have a personal alarm that you can carry on you at all times. When in danger or in need of help, simply press down on the recessed alarm button located on the Keychain Panic Alarm and the alarm will immediately release a piercing 130 dB alarm that is bound to alert anyone around you. You can either press the alarm button lightly for the alarm to sound briefly or push the button completely to have a continuously ringing alarm. In addition to the powerful alarm, this personal alarm also features a built-in flashlight that will provide you with much-needed visibility during the night time. Be well-protected by carrying this compact mini personal alarm on you at all times today!

  • Bright built-in flashlight and key ring