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Today’s offer: :: | PRIME Savings | 15% Off Sitewide w/ Code PRIME15
Today’s offer: : :
 PRIME Savings 15% Off Sitewide w/ Code PRIME15
  • Secondary image - Slim Portable Rechargeable Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Padlock Slim Portable Rechargeable Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Padlock - Padlocks

    Slim Portable Rechargeable Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Padlock


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    Portable padlock opens with the press of a finger and can record up to 10 unique prints!

Are you worried about keeping your storage shed safe or protecting your bike when it’s parked outside the office? 

A strong padlock is a simple yet effective security solution for a lot of home and office needs. The padlocks for sale on The Home Security Superstore are built to last. You can choose from trusted brands that can’t be picked, stolen, or bypassed. When you need an affordable security solution for a door or bicycle, padlocks are here to the rescue. 

The Best Padlock Features

Did you think all security padlocks were created equally? Not so much. Investing in a lock with advanced features will keep your belongings safer than a standard lock, so you can sleep at night and your stuff will stay right where it belongs. Here are some of the reasons our quality padlocks are so popular:

Weatherproofing: There might be nothing worse than going to retrieve your lawn tools after a long winter only to discover that your lock is rusted shut. Padlocks with weatherproofing can withstand rain, hail, wind, and just about anything else mother nature might throw at them. This simple additional feature is life-changing for anyone with storage in a place that has four seasons. 

Piercing Alarms: Some home security padlocks are designed to let you know if someone tries to tamper with them. You won’t miss the sound of a piercing 100+ decibel alarm going off – and neither will the person tampering with your stuff. These padlocks will send would-be thieves running and alert you to trouble from a significant distance. 

Cut Resistance: Your padlock should be safe from cutting, sawing, and other breaking. A cut resistant padlock made of metal won’t allow anyone to use a saw or wire cutter to easily break through its arm. For locks that will be left unattended for long periods of time, this may be one of the most important features to look for in your new lock. 

Anti-Picking Technology: Some people may leave the bolt cutter at home and try to weasel their way into your stuff by picking a padlock. The joke is on them when you get a pick resistant lock! Quality padlocks are made to resist picking attempts, some through special keys and others through the use of reinforced metal. 

Durable Steel: Many of our most popular padlocks for gates, bikes, and doors are created using durable steel. Not only will these locks last for years, but they will remain secure in the face of any tampering attempts. From small round locks perfect for securing your bike to larger rectangle locks that work great on a side gate, steel makes your security stronger. 

Combination Option: If you’re someone who often misplaces keys, a combination padlock may be the right choice. This type of lock eliminates the worry that a padlock key will either be lost in a move or wind up in the wrong hands. A secret combination is harder to pick and you can open the lock without spending 15 minutes searching for the key. 

Are you ready to up your home security but don’t want to install a complicated security system? Padlocks can accomplish a lot, despite their small size. Secure your front gate, the storage under your back deck, or keep your bike right where it belongs on the rack outside your office. If you’re not sure where to get started, check out our complete of our most popular locks for sale. If you still have questions, contact The Home Security Superstore today to learn more about padlocks and more.

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