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Shop The #1 Stun Gun That Shoots With Our New Low Pricing!

About Emergency Blanket


Planning that long camping and hiking trip deep into the mountains? Don’t forget your emergency blanket.

It may sound funny, but it won’t be when you are out in the cold, literally and figuratively, during long, cold evenings and in the case of inclement weather. The truth is, having the right survival blanket is key to experiencing the vagaries of nature unscathed.

The fact is, The Home Security Superstore’s SOL® Two Person Survival Blanket or SOL® Waterproof Emergency Blanket for one can be the difference between extreme discomfort, or in extreme cases, the threat of hypothermia. Simply wrap one of these emergency blankets around yourself and/or your partner and let the thermal heating begin. In addition, each comes with first aid information emblazoned on it, so you will be prepared in all ways.

In addition to your survival blanket, have everything you need for your trip in one, easy-to-carry location with the Wise 5-Day Survival Kit Backpack, which includes a variety of food and safety needs, as well as a portable stove.

So remember: Plan well, travel where you may, and always take your emergency blanket with you.