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About 1-Year Food Supply


You have provided well for your family. You may even have contingency plans at the ready to protect them, but have you thought about how you might sustain yourselves in the event you don’t have access to food for an extended period of time? With a 1-year food supply you can rest assured you will all be healthy for at least a year.

The Home Security Superstore offers two simple, straightforward and all-inclusive, 1-year food supply products to ensure your family’s health and strength for 12 months. The 2880-Serving Breakfast & Entrée kit provides 1,440 servings of each, healthy, nutritious meal in a single-serving pack, all with a 25-year shelf life. Want three square meals daily? Then choose the 4320-Serving Breakfast & Entrée kit.

 Eliminate the need to stock up just before an impending storm or disaster hits. With a 1-year food supply, you can rest assured your health will be protected.