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Economical ways to deter crime.
  • Secondary image - Safety Tech Solar Powered LED Fake Camera w/ Strobe Light Safety Tech Solar Powered LED Fake Camera w/ Strobe Light - Fake Security Cameras

    Safety Tech Solar Powered LED Fake Camera w/ Strobe Light

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    Solar powered fake camera with motion activated flashing strobe!

  • Safety Tech Fake Dome Security Camera w/ LED Light - Fake Security Cameras

    Safety Tech Fake Dome Security Camera w/ LED Light


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    Small dummy camera looks authentic with a flashing LED light to fool anyone!

About Fake Security Cameras

Do you want to keep intruders and package thieves away without investing in a full security system?

Fake security cameras are a savvy and affordable way to give potential burglars or shoplifters pause. While a real camera or hidden security cameras is still the gold standard, putting up a faux camera could be enough to deter some amateur criminals. At The Home Security Superstore, we have a variety of models available for residential and business use. 

Top Features of Fake Security Cameras

The best fake security cameras work because they mimic the features of real cameras. Let’s look at the most convincing features of fake cameras. 

Motion Sensor Light: A fake camera with blinking red LED light will signal to people in your store or on your front porch that they’re being watched. Triggered by the detection of motion, LED lights are one of the most convincing parts of a fake camera setup. 

Swivel Head: A swivel head is also a real-looking feature for a fake camera. Both dome and bullet-style cameras are available with a swivel head that can move from side to side periodically. 

Authentic Design: To be effective, a fake camera has to look like the real deal. The models sold on The Home Security Superstore website are designed after real security cameras and mounted on the wall the same way. Unless someone gets up close, they’ll never know the camera isn’t recording them. 

The advantages of owning a Fake Security Camera:

  • Dummy security cameras are a fraction of the cost of real security cameras.
  • Fake surveillance cameras run on batteries and thus do not require a power supply, which allows them to be placed almost anywhere.
  • Most fake security cameras have a noticeable blinking LED light that deters criminals at night when they're most active.
  • A fake video camera looks like the real thing! A potential thief won't stick around long enough to figure out if your fake surveillance cameras are real!

The Home Security Superstore offers dozens of fake security products, from dummy security cameras that look real to false alarm company stickers for your home. Studies show the mere presence of security cameras and/or fake cameras decreases crimes of opportunity – shouldn’t your home and office be protected? Simply installing a false security alarm or a fake security camera could save you thousands of dollars or even save your life!

Check out our wide selection of fake video cameras and our highly-sensitive, professional-quality security products, all available for same-day shipping! We always offer 24/7 tech support to help you install your products and answer any questions – and with a 90-day money-back guarantee you can rest assured you’ll be happy with your purchase! From security cameras to tactical weapons to stun guns, we’ve got your personal security needs covered.

If you want to scare off package thieves at home or shoplifters at work but you’re on a tight budget, consider fake security cameras. If you still have questions about using false cameras for security or other home surveillance products, contact The Home Security Superstore today to learn more. 

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