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About First Responder Kits


You like getting away from it all and sometimes even going off the grid. Every once in a while, you like taking the family along to experience nature and true peace, and you are secure in knowing you are prepared, even when your kids wander off on their own. That’s because you always travel with your first responder kits from The Home Security Superstore as backup.

These trusty first responder kits give you the peace of mind of first aid and trauma supplies at your fingertips. These can be invaluable in the event that one of the members of your party slips and falls and is injured. There won’t be time or the means to get to a treatment center immediately, but everyone will be relieved that you have the Rapid Response First Aid Trauma Pak or Tactical Trauma Pak Pro First Aid supplies at your disposal.

And should the weather become so threatening that you are stuck in your car, possibly with some physical injury, you will be completely prepared with the StatGear Car Survival First Aid Kit.

Regardless of where life takes you, make sure you have your first responder kits with you, as it could save your life.