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National Backpack Awareness Day | Shop Our Safety Backpacks Now!
National Backpack Awareness Day | Shop Our Safety Backpacks Now!

About Listening Devices

Is your home security system missing an audio function? Covert listening devices from The Home Security Superstore give you a more comprehensive look at what is happening at home and the office when you’re not around. Our discreet listening devices are also ideal for recording college lectures or interviews. Whether you want to supplement your security cameras or get a clear recording of a city council meeting, we have a listening device that can meet your needs.

Keep Track of Conversations and More

Listening devices record crisp, clear audio. In fact, some real-time listening devices have enough internal memory for over 200 hours of quality audio. Before you covertly record a conversation, check your state laws – in some cases, listening devices may only be used when at least one party being recorded is aware. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the reasons listening devices are so popular:

Cell Phone Compatibility: If you want to use your listening device for phone interviews or conversations, get one of our models designed specifically for mobile devices. Without the need for any special software, these listening tools make it simple to record more than 100 hours of conversation at a time and store it to internal memory for quick playback. 

Ease of Use: Listening devices for home recording are not complicated. A simple start and stop function means you can easily work a listening device even if you’re not tech savvy. Many listening devices can also show you how much audio has been recorded during the current session, so you can see how much of your storage has been utilized during a single recording. 

Voice Activation: Don’t want to waste internal storage on dead air? No problem. Choose a listening device with voice activation, and the recording will only begin when someone starts talking or a sound in the room is detected. This feature is ideal when you want to install a device in your home to pick up any potential burglar activity or make sure your child care provider is treating your children as promised. 

Convenient Size: Listening devices are also small enough to be hidden on a shelf or kept in other small space, all while picking up sounds from up to 300 feet away in some cases. If you’re taking the device to school to record a lecture, it will fit neatly on your keychain or in the front pocket of a bag. Listening devices are never in the way. 

Covert Potential: While listening devices have plenty of purposes that let you use them out in the open, they can also be hidden quite easily. Some are designed to look like a fitness tracker or thumb drive, while others are just small enough to fit into a pocket or hide behind a picture frame. 

Help for Hearing Impaired: When combined with a sound amplifier, listening devices can aid people who are hard of hearing. Take your sound amplifier and listening device to a concert or sports game, and you’ll be able to pick up sounds that are typically out of reach. Then, listen back later to hear the audio even more clearly. 

Picking up audio is important for home and work security, and it may also come in handy for lectures and conversations. Devices can hold hundreds of hours of audio at a time, so you don’t have to frequently transfer the recordings or clear the storage. Not sure how to evaluate wireless listening devices? Contact The Home Security Superstore today and let us help you find a listening device that meets your needs.