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Protect your home with wifi technology.

About Wireless Alarm Systems

Installing a wireless alarm system is the first step in DIY home security. In just a couple of hours you can put together a totally customized security system inside your very own home! Mix and match components allow you to secure the doors, windows, gates, and entryways you’re most concerned about and to change your system when you need.

We offer one of the widest selections of wireless alarm systems available and they’re all easy to install. Our low prices and various designs make it easy to find a security system that’s well-suited for your home or office! Whether you live in a condo, a cabin, or even want to secure your vacation property while you’re away, you’ll love the ease and cost-savings of a wireless alarm system.

Providing the same security as a professional alarm setup for a fraction of the price, a wireless alarm system can be added to as you see fit. Motion detectors, glass-shatter alarms, and gate sensors are all compatible with these DIY kits and you’ll never have to worry about paying for equipment you don’t need. Sleep soundly knowing you’ll be alerted the second something sets off one of your multiple wireless alarm sensors!