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What You Need to Know About DIY Home Security

diy homesecurity

Home security is an important aspect of ensuring the safety of your family and property. With the advancement of technology, there are now various DIY home security systems and DIY security products available in the market, making it easier and more affordable for homeowners to secure their homes. Whether you are a new property owner or a homeowner for many years, or whether you have a large property or a small one, installing security systems can provide peace of mind and an overall safer environment.

Three Tiers of Home Security Systems

Security systems are broken down into three tiers. Tier one systems are the most comprehensive and expensive, offering the highest levels of security features. They commonly include an outside monitoring source. You may be familiar with ADT, Brinks, and Simplisafe. They typically include advanced features such as biometric authentication, remote access, and smart home integration. They are ideal for homeowners who want the ultimate level of security and the ability to control their home security system from anywhere.

Tier two home security systems are mid-range and totally installed by you and do not include any monitoring features. The most popular companies are Nest and Ring which offer easy-to-install kits, and a host of smart features including the option to add a DIY home security camera system, a motion detector, and a glass break detector. These systems can also be controlled from a smartphone or tablet, allowing homeowners to monitor their homes from anywhere.

Tier three DIY home security products are basic security systems that are very easy to install and can include window and door sensors, keyless entry, special locks, lights, dog barking alarms, signage, and key-hiders. They can be stand-alone systems or used to enhance other security features already installed in the home.

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Benefits of DIY Home Security Systems

There are various DIY home security systems available today and homeowners should choose one that meets their specific needs and budget. Take a look at the benefits

  • Affordability: DIY home security systems are more affordable compared to professionally installed systems, making it easier for homeowners to secure their homes without breaking the bank.
  • Easy installation: DIY home security systems are easy to install and can be set up in just a few hours.
  • Customization: DIY home security systems allow homeowners to customize according to their needs, ensuring that their homes are protected in the way they want.
  • Control: DIY home security systems give homeowners complete control over their home security, allowing them to monitor their homes from anywhere, and receive alerts in real time.

Best DIY Home Security Systems on the Market

1. Ring Alarm Offers Range of Features

Ring Alarm is a popular DIY home security system that offers a range of features, is easy to install, and affordable for most homeowners' budgets. Homeowners can easily customize this system with the features they want. Keep in mind that Ring Alarm only works with Ring brand products which could limit the compatibility with other smart home devices. Additionally, there is no 24/7 outside professional monitoring.

2. Nest Alarm Requires Subscription

Nest is another popular smart home security brand that provides a range of features to help keep your home secure. This is a user-friendly system with a simple app that allows you to control and monitor your home from anywhere. Unlike Ring, Nest integrates seamlessly with other Nest devices like Nest Hello doorbell, and Nest x Yale lock providing a cohesive smart home experience. It is also customizable, providing alerts for different scenarios, including motion detection, facial recognition, two-way audio, and automatic arm/disarm features. On the other hand, this system is expensive, depends on a strong, reliable internet connection, and requires a subscription, compared to other brands on the market and as you add more features the price continues to increase. Additionally, Ring has limited hardware options which may not work with larger homes or homes with complex layouts.

3. SimpliSafe Offers a Variety of Features

SimpliSafe is one more well-known affordable DIY home security system that offers a range of features and is easy to install. First, it is easy to install, but the best thing is it offers professional monitoring with 24/7 protection and peace of mind. On the other hand, there is limited customization and smart home integration, and may not provide homeowners with a more personalized system.

4. ADT Control Offers More than Peace of Mind

ADT Control is offered by ADT, one of the largest, most recognized and trusted home security companies in the world. This famous brand provides homeowners with peace of mind, unlike newer brands on the market. This is a totally customized system providing just the amount of protection homeowners see. It also includes professional monitoring with 24/7 protection. This is a very expensive system that only works with other ADT-brand products which limits compatibility with other popular smart home devices.

Enhancing Home Security DIY Features For More Protection

Home security is a crucial aspect of keeping your home and loved ones safe. With the rise of home invasions, theft, and other crimes, it's essential to invest in a reliable home security system. While traditional home security systems are an excellent option, there are other alternatives that can also provide an extra layer of protection. In this article, we'll explore key hiders, dog barking alarms, window alarms, and dog alarms, and their pros and cons as options to enhance home security.

Key Hiders Offer Discreet Convenience

Key hiders are small, hidden containers that can be used to store your spare set of keys. These containers can be placed in different locations, such as under a flower pot or a doormat, making it convenient for you to access your keys while keeping them out of sight from potential thieves. They are also cleverly designed to look like working thermometers, decorative rocks, sprinkler heads, and other average things you would see on a home and in landscaping. Key hiders provide a convenient way to store keys for easy accessibility, hide them from view, and are an affordable option for enhancing home security.

Dog Barking Alarms Deter Thieves

Dog barking alarms are devices that emit a loud sound when triggered by motion or a door opening. The sound is meant to mimic a large barking dog, alerting homeowners and deterring potential thieves or unwanted visitors. Many devices will offer more than one sound providing different sound options including a welcoming noise. These products are affordable, easy to install for almost anyone, and are a very effective deterrent as the loud noise of barking dogs scares away potential thieves.

Window Alarms Alert Homeowners

Window alarms are devices that are placed directly on windows and emit a loud sound when the window is opened. These alarms are designed to alert homeowners and deter potential thieves. Window alarms are an affordable option for enhancing security, are easy to install for almost anyone, and act as an effective deterrent as the loud alarm scares away potential thieves.

Door Alarms Add Additional Layer of Protection

Easy-to-install door alarms are available in a variety of options including ones that vibrate and make a loud noise when touched, by security door bars that prevent the door from opening. Magnetic door alarms, knob-touch versions, and even doorstop-style alarms are all compatible with most standard doors and add one more layer to home protection allowing you to know who is coming and going.

Floodlights Deter Potential Intruders

Floodlights as well as a DIY home security camera system can serve as an effective and affordable DIY home security system for several reasons. The presence of floodlights and cameras can deter potential intruders, as they are more likely to avoid a property that they know is being monitored. They also increase visibility on the exterior of the property to make it easy to identify suspicious activity. A camera system will record any incidents that might occur, and remote monitoring provides convenient monitoring whenever and wherever you might be. By combining floodlights and cameras, a homeowner can create an effective and comprehensive security system that can help protect their property and deter potential intruders.

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Contact The Home Security Superstore for the Best DIY Home Security

The best way to get the most out of a home security system is to do your homework and get to know all the features of each brand to find the best DIY home security system for your home. It's a good idea to add a variety of products to your home enhancing your levels of protection. The experts at The Home Security Superstore are ready to help you find the right amount of protection for your home and your peace of mind. We are the leaders in home security and self-defense products since 2003. Contact us today!

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