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About Metal Detectors Online:Buy a Security Wand

Do you need a quick and affordable way to keep your business safe or check incoming packages?

Search wands allow you to detect weapons or other forbidden items at the entrance to your bar, club, or special event. Whether you’re putting on a concert in the park and want to scan packages at your workplace before you open them, a security metal detector wand is a good choice. Security metal detectors are electronic devices that alert the operator whenever metal objects pass within range of the device. There are many different types of devices, from walk-through models to hand-held metal detectors. If the expense of a walk-through metal detector is unwarranted, a security wand metal detector is a very economic alternative. This device is passed closely over the body of the individual being checked, who stands with feet slightly apart and arms outstretched.

Keep Your Events Safe with Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are often used by bouncers and law enforcement to keep people safe. But handheld metal detectors can be used in just about any scenario, by security and non-security staff. Even if you’re just trying to keep your backyard barbecue safe, a handheld security wand lets everyone know you are serious about security. A security wand is battery-operated, and depending on the model, can alert the operator with a light or audible beeping alarm. These devices are inexpensive and can be purchased to scale for any type of situation or event. Let’s take a look at why metal detector wands are so popular:

  • Easy to use: You don’t need a lot of training to use a handheld metal detector effectively.  

  • Lightweight: Unlike a cumbersome standing metal detector, a handheld device is simple to carry and store. Security wands often weigh less than half a pound.

  • Effective: Security wands work. They emit audio and visual detection alerts, such as a beep and a red light to let you know when metal is present. 

The Home Security Superstore has a lot of options when it comes to security wands for sale. We can help you protect your next event or scan your packages with ease using one of our handheld products. Still have questions? View more self defense products and gear