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About Survival Knives


You like being handy around the house. Fixing things. Building things. Making things for your kids. You also like to be prepared in the case of an emergency, when your very survival is on the line.

Thankfully, almost anything is possible with the right tools. That’s why you always want to start with the right survival knives so you can cut your way into or out of any situation. The Home Security Superstore can hook you up with a variety of exceptional survival knives, from the more straightforward but incredibly durable Survival Knife w/Kit Steel 15", to the more utilitarian UZI Multifunction Pliers & Knife. Or perhaps you need more hand-to-hand in nature? Maybe you should splurge on the Chaos Tactical Combat Knife 13.5" to ensure you always outclass your foe, whoever it happens to be.

Whether your survival knives are for little jobs or big jobs, having a survival knife ready to go is imperative if you want to turn any challenge into a walk in the park.