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About Water Sanitation & Hygiene


Nothing is more sacrosanct than the integrity of your family’s water and food supply.  Invest in a water sanitation system that allows you to store and access water over long periods of time.

Start out with a WaterBasics™ Pump & Filter Kit, which will provide up to 120 gallons of filtered survival water, and allows you to pump from one vessel into another. Then cover your food supply and eliminate the need to stock up right before an impending storm or disaster. With the 72-Hour Wise Emergency Food Kit, which provides 72 servings of healthy, great-tasting food with a shelf life of up to 25 years, as well as a 28-ounce water filtration bottle to ensure clean drinking water, you will be all set.

Ultimately, you and your family will sleep better knowing your water sanitation and hygiene readiness is top of the line with products from The Home Security Superstore.

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