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Discreetly keep your valuables secure.

About Can Safes

Forget high-tech security systems and fingerprint scanners. A simple can safe may be just thing you’ve been looking for to keep your valuables secure! These storage devices are discreet, functional, and really inexpensive. Disguised as everyday items like shaving cream cans, coffee canisters, and even beer, you can stash them on the pantry and no one will be the wiser!

Using a can safe to store your valuables – money, jewelry, keys – if you travel often is a smart idea. Although robbers might ransack your bedroom and home office looking for big-ticket items they’re highly unlikely to turn to the kitchen. Most can safes don’t lock like traditional safes but rather look like ordinary items (with a secret compartment inside!) Just don’t forget where you stashed your grandma’s jewels…you don’t want to accidentally recycle what you think is simple soda can!

Order a can safe from The Home Security Superstore today to protect small items you’re not sure where to hide. If you don’t have a reason to buy a large safe, can safes are a cheap, portable fix. Smart travelers know there’s no better way to secure their valuables in the event of a home robbery than to hide certain things in a can safe!