When was the last time you checked the security of your locks?

If you’re not sure when your locks were last upgraded, it’s been too long. From securing your front door to making sure your storage shed can withstand a would-be burglar, locks can protect you in a lot of ways. You should replace your locks every few years, as well as each time you move or lose track of who has spare keys to your home. 

The right lock for the job will depend on factors like the type of door and how tech-savvy you want your security to be. The Home Security Superstore is here to help you find the right lock for your needs – we even have locks for bikes and wine bottles. Many of our models can be easily installed without the help of a locksmith. 

Protect Yourself with a Lock for Every Situation

It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to securing your valuables. When in doubt, update your locks to a new model with better security. The Home Security Superstore offers everything from keyless entry home systems to a door lock alarm system that alerts you to threats in real-time. Here are some of our most popular locks for homes and businesses: 

Upgrade Your Entryway Locks: Keeping your home safe all starts with adding security to the main entry points – a strong front door lock is your first line of defense. Upgrade your front door with a keyless deadbolt door lock or install a combination keypad and deadbolt with an automatic lock. You may even want to consider a double-sided electronic keyless deadbolt, which makes it impossible for someone to break a window and then reach around to open the door. 

Reinforce Locks with Security Bars: Once you are satisfied with your door locks, you may want to think about adding another obstacle for unwanted intruders. Our door security bars sit just behind your front door and will thwart anyone who is trying to bump your lock. Our barking dog bar even gives off the menacing call of a large dog to scare people away. 

Keep Storage Facilities Secure: If you have a backyard shed, storage unit, or another freestanding facility where you keep equipment, our padlock solutions are an excellent option. These durable locks can be opened via key or combination, and some models even have an alarm. Installing a double-sided combination door lock to sheds adds increased security.

Never Deal with a Stolen Bike Again: Our padlock models are also ideal for securing your bike to a bike rack or your patio fence. Bikes are a big investment and can be taken in the blink of an eye, so be proactive and intimidate potential thieves with a hardcore lock. Choose from combination and traditional key models. 

Our deadbolts and padlocks are just the beginning of security solutions. The Home Security Superstore also has specialty locks to keep your family and guests safe at home. Browse our gun locks and wine locks so that only the right hands can access your weapons and alcohol.

Locks for the home and office pay off big time. Invest in a double-sided keyless deadbolt for your back door and a keypad lock for your front door, and you can rest easier when you’re home and while you’re away. Combine locks with our wireless do it yourself security and surveillance systems for added protection. 

Do you have questions about which locks would be right for your home or office? Contact The Home Security Superstore today to find out how to select the best locks for your doors, gates, and more. 

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