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About Car Spy Cameras

Do you need access to reliable surveillance equipment while you’re on the go? Mobile spy cams can be used in any car to monitor behavior and capture video. A hidden car camera helps you keep an eye on how your teenager is behaving behind the wheel and can also help PIs monitor targets. No matter why you need a spy cam on the go, The Home Security Superstore has an array of cameras to get the job done. 

Whether it's used to record what happens around your car, like an auto accident or an aggressive person, or to capture some dealings on the inside, car spy cams tell the real story of what transpired in and around your vehicle. Car hidden cameras prevent the other party from making false claims later. Car cameras capture the action as it really occurred in order to assist you in court, with the police, and with your insurance.

Car spy cameras conveniently clip onto your rearview mirror or attach to your front window, stealthily looking like a GPS device or just a piece of your car's technology. These kinds of cameras capture video, photos and/or sound. Those set up to record accidents, like the1080p Impact Sensor Car Camera from SecurityMan, have impact sensors so recording starts right when the accident happens and the video can't be overridden. Whatever the case, protect yourself and your vehicle, legally and financially, with car spy cameras. 

The Best Spy Cameras for Car Use

Dash cams are often disguised as everyday objects, so it’s easy to get the footage you need without calling attention to the recording device. Here are some of the best models of car spy cameras on The Home Security Superstore site:

Cigarette Pack: A spy camera disguised as a cigarette pack will blend into the landscape of your car. These cams can be used as a covert spy camera on the car windshield/dashboard by setting the pack at the front of your dash. 

Sunglasses: Sunglasses with camera capabilities are another savvy way to hide a camera in the car. Position the glasses strategically in the console or on the dashboard, and you can covertly capture important footage inside or outside of the car.

Water Bottle: No one will think to check your Dasani bottle for a camera. If you want to capture quick video on the go, you can lift and point the bottle in the right direction and get footage without calling attention to yourself. 

In-car hidden security camera tools are good for capturing important videos inside your vehicle and beyond. Because they’re so creatively hidden, you can rest assured that you are being covert. Check local laws regarding recording consent before you record someone without their knowledge. Still have questions? Contact The Home Security Superstore today.