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12 Martial Artists Reveal Easy Self Defense Moves For Women & Men

Self defense is demanding our attention in the modern world. Whether you're a man or women, a simple self defense move or technique can be of life or death. Are you prepared?

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A Guide To Using Pepper Spray Indoors

Pepper spray delivers an immediate and powerful blow to the nervous system of an assailant. While most people carry this potent self-protection spray when they’re walking to their car after dark or out for a jog on a deserted trail – there may be a time when you need to deploy pepper spray indoors.

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What Defines The Strongest Stun Gun?

If you’re in the market for a stun gun, you’re probably considering the effectiveness of each stun self-protection product as much as the design. Maybe more. Because while you want a stun gun that is easy to hold and use

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What Not To Keep In A Home Safe (And What You Should Store There)

Household safes are an important addition to any home. Keeping precious items locked away not only prevents them from being stolen but could mean they are preserved in the event of a natural disaster.

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