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A cost-effective way to warn away intruders.

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About Security System Signs and Alarm Window Decals

A home break in occurs in this country every 13 seconds. Best case scenario if your home is broken into means you return to a mess and stolen belongings. Worst case scenario means your family could become the victims of a violent attack. Statistics tell us burglars are up to four times as likely to break into a home that doesn’t have a security system as those that do.

A home security sign accomplishes many of the same goals as a complete home security system for a fraction of the cost. Since up to 85% of break-ins are committed spontaneously the sight of a home security sign in your yard may just be the thing that keeps you from being targeted. Options include yard signs, window decals, door signs, and many more.

The Home Security Superstore offers several professional, convincing options for home security signs. Whether you’ve installed a DIY home security system you want to publicize or you just want to create the impression your home is protected, a fake security sign is a smart, cost-effective option. Since most break-ins occur during daylight hours you can be sure that proper placement of a home security sign will get noticed.

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