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An easy affordable monitoring alternative.

About Window & Door Alarms

You don’t have to install a commercial alarm system for security at home. The Home Security Superstore offers dozens of window alarms that are easy to install, highly-effective, and more affordable than a monthly monitoring system. With just a few batteries and ten-minutes to install you can make your home or office more secure than ever before.

Window alarms come in a variety of styles and uses. Vibration alarms detect just about any movement, from a peeping tom to a burglar. Magnetic contact alarms sound off when someone opens a window so you can keep intruders out and your teenagers in. Glass break alarms won’t likely be set off unless a window’s been shattered. It’s easier than you think to protect your family and your belongings!

Whether you’re looking to protect your sliding glass doors or just supplement an existing DIY security system, window alarms are a smart solution. They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and incredibly effective. Our wide range of options allows you to choose an alarm that fits seamlessly into your décor and meets your immediate security needs. The Home Security Superstore has one of the largest selections of do-it-yourself window alarms available – find your perfect fit today!