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Driveway alarms to protect your home.
  • Secondary image - SpyWfi™ Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector Driveway Alarm System SpyWfi™ Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector Driveway Alarm System - Driveway Alarms

    SpyWfi™ Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector Driveway Alarm System

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    Detects cars, people, or animals up to 33 ft and sends an alert to a receiver up to 1,760 ft away!

  • Secondary image - SpyWfi™ Add-on Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor Transmitter SpyWfi™ Add-on Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor Transmitter - Driveway Alarms

    SpyWfi™ Add-on Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor Transmitter


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    Solar powered motion sensor transmitter can send signals to a receiever up to 1,760 ft away!

About Wireless Driveway Alarms

Tired of being surprised by solicitors or other guests? Driveway alarms alert you at the first detection of someone approaching your home. Whether you live on a rural plot with a long driveway or have a small city driveway in front of your townhouse, a driveway alarm is a good way to become more aware of what’s happening on your property. The Home Security Superstore has plenty of alarms for you to choose from, and they’re all easy to install.

Our driveway alarms and driveway monitors are designed to protect your home and help you stay vigilant. Driveway sensor alarms alert you instantly if someone enters your driveway so you're never caught unaware. A wireless driveway alarm is easy to set up and use. With a driveway monitor, you can prevent trespassing, keep an eye on your visitors, and never miss an important package delivery again!

You can even use our driveway alarms to protect other areas of your home like a swimming pool or a back gate. Wireless driveway alarms are portable, so you can put them where you need the extra protection. Whether you're worried about your teens sneaking out, your in-laws dropping by, or even live in a rural area where visitors are rare, installing an automatic driveway alarm can give you peace of mind.

Get a Heads Up When Anyone Approaches

An audible alarm or driveway alarm with camera gives you new peace of mind. You can lock your front door in anticipation of someone approaching, or run outside to greet the delivery driver you’ve been expecting. Combined with a wireless camera on the front porch, an alert on your driveway means you always know what’s happening on the perimeter of your home. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of driveway alarms: 

Beams: Some driveway alarms have two sensors that create a beam. When the beam is broken because something crosses it, you’ll be notified via the receiver inside your house. 

Hose: Other models have a hose that drapes across your driveway. When someone drives over it, the alarm will go off. 

Probe: You can also choose a wireless driveway alarm with a probe. The probe is buried parallel to your driveway and only alerts you when a car drives up (no false alarms when a dog runs up the drive). 

We have dozens of options available - wireless alarms, driveway monitors, motion detectors, magnetic contact sensors - which means the perfect solution to your security concerns is available right now. From simple motion detectors to complete vehicle alert systems, driveway alarm systems are easy to install, simple to use, and most require little more than a few batteries! In just a few minutes you can secure your property. Always know who's coming and going from your home.

Gain Peace of Mind with The Best Driveway Alarm Systems

At The Home Security Superstore, we understand the importance of safeguarding your property and loved ones, and our carefully curated selection of driveway alarms reflects just that. Whether you're concerned about unauthorized vehicles entering your premises or simply want to be alerted to the arrival of expected guests, our driveway alarm systems are designed to provide you with real-time notifications and an added layer of security. Our driveway alarm systems are sourced from trusted brands known for their reliability and cutting-edge technology. With features such as adjustable detection ranges, weather-resistant components, and easy installation, these systems are tailored to suit various needs and preferences. Whether you have a sprawling estate or a compact suburban driveway, we have a driveway alarm solution that fits.

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