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Hi-tech storage for your firearms and valuables.

About Biometric Safes

No two fingerprints are the same. Having a biometric safe is the most surefire way to keep your valuables locked up tight whether it’s jewelry, papers, or money. And if you’ve got a firearm in the house? A biometric fingerprint gun safe ensures no one but you can access your firearm.

A biometric gun safe uses cutting-edge technology to secure your weapon. Presets for various fingerprints are available and the safe itself only opens when a recognized fingerprint is touched to the scanner. A fingerprint gun safe uses optical scanning technology to eliminate your worries about someone learning your passcode or stealing the key – and since the technology is powerful enough to grant you instant access, you can count on your gun being available the second you need it.

What are the other benefits of a biometric gun safe? You can access your fingerprint gun safe in the dark without fumbling for a key or keypad which could save you valuable time in the event of a break in. Maintaining a biometric safe for your weapon virtually guarantees you won’t have to worry about children hurting themselves with your weapon, even if they do manage to find the safe itself. Modern gun owners know the safest way to secure their weapon is by using a biometric gun safe. Explore our wide selection right now.