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About Survival Gear and Equipment

Prepare yourself for any situation or catastrophe with our line of essential survival gear, including survival kits, emergency food, and water storage, first aid kits, and survival food, among other innovative products.

If a hurricane, tornado, flood, or terrorist attack occurs, are you ready for a prolonged siege trapped inside your own home? Hurricane Katrina left millions of people without water, food, and electricity for days. Per the National Center of Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University, Americans are grossly unprepared for the next disaster, which they report, "will inevitably happen.”

Disaster preparedness is essential – have a plan and gear to survive your crisis. Lay hold of the survival gear you need now. Browse our line of survival equipment to find survival lights, emergency food kits, battery-operated radios, and comprehensive kits of survival supplies for any situation.

Survival Kits And Tools

Would you be prepared if you lost electricity for three days?

It’s not paranoid to ask yourself what you would do in the event of a natural disaster or another type of emergency – it’s just smart thinking. A big storm could knock out your power for an extended period of time with little advance notice. Or, frigid winter temperatures and the weather could make leaving the house for supplies difficult. Be prepared for anything by stocking up on survival gear and equipment today. 

Be Prepared for Any Situation

At The Home Security Superstore, we believe in being proactive. Don’t wait to learn the hard way that you don’t have enough batteries, flashlights, and non-perishable food at home. Stock up now on some of our most popular survival equipment.

Emergency Essentials:  Can you stay warm and well-lit at home without any power? Our emergency blankets and lighting are a good place to start. We also offer equipment for outdoor survival, including fire starters and emergency tents. 

First Aid Kits:  Survival tools and equipment aren’t complete until you have a first aid kit. Check out our impressive kits and backpacks that are filled with everything from Band-Aids and blister dressings to whistles and toothbrushes. Keep one kit in your home and another in the trunk of your car. 

Survival Food and Water:  Don’t forget about sustenance when you’re planning your home survival supplies. Our emergency water pouches and purification tablets are always good to keep on hand. You can also stock up on freeze-dried food and dehydrated fruit. We even have emergency food supply meals that you can keep on hand. 

Even if you think you’re prepared for a natural disaster or another emergency, it never hurts to stock up on essential supplies! From extra water to battery radios and flashlights, a survival kit for home safety will give you peace of mind and could just save your life. 

Don’t be caught unprepared – order your essential emergency survival supplies! Call 1-800-616-5305 for more information on our survival equipment and devices or for toll-free technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions About Survival Equipment

What survival supplies do I need for an emergency?

The survival supplies you need in an emergency situation depend on the type of disaster and your particular circumstances. In general, having a first aid kit, water, food, flashlights, and batteries are important components of any survival kit.

What are the best survival tools?

The best survival tools depend on the situation and environment. Generally, having a quality knife, lighter or fire starter, first aid kit, and emergency shelter are essential for any outdoor environment. Additional items such as flashlights, batteries, and radios can provide extra protection in an emergency setting.

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