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Emergency Essentials

About Emergency Preparedness and Survival Supplies

By definition, an unforeseen event cannot be predicted: it strikes when we least expect it. The only way to successfully navigate these kinds of emergency situations is to practice some level of emergency preparedness.
Several types of extreme events could lead to a disruption of your lifestyle, or even put the survival of you and your loved ones at risk. Some examples are flash floods, other forms of extreme weather, extended power outages due to grid failures, a widespread food supply disruption, fuel shortages or even political unrest. If these things were to happen, the comforts and security that we enjoy on a daily basis may not be available, sometimes for an extended period of time.
The best way to navigate this kind of uncertainty, and survive, is to have your emergency essentials at the ready. Some key areas to consider in your emergency preparedness plan include:
  • Warmth: Humans cannot survive below a certain temperature. A survival or emergency blanket can keep you from experiencing hypothermia or freezing in very cold conditions. Survival clothing will allow you to stay mobile even in inclement conditions.
  • Power: In recent times we have seen that our power grid is not as resilient as we thought. Should power fail for an extended time, portable power banks can keep your communications devices charged and even help you jump-start your vehicle.
  • Food and Water: Having enough calories that can be easily carried helps keep you strong and healthy in a crisis situation. Some of our emergency essentials kits include non-perishable food items that can be easily carried. Water treatment drops and filtered water bottles will protect you from harm caused by unclean water. Survival knives can help you with hunting and field dressing.
  • Shelter: If things get bad enough, you may find yourself without access to shelter. We carry light and highly packable tents which can provide effective shelter in emergency situations.
  • Fire: Keeping warm, cooking food, boiling water: in the wilderness, successfully starting a fire can be the difference between life and death. Be prepared with one of our fire starter kits, and a camper’s hatchet.
  • Hygiene: Lack of proper hygiene can bring about diseases and even death. A first-aid kit is key for emergency prepping. Should you find yourself camping for a prolonged period of time, a lightweight portable outdoor toilet can help you keep your campground clean and safe.

We have a wide selection of flashlights, fire starters, Grab-and-Go Food Kits, and even water purifiers. And for less-catastrophic situations, our safety cones and roadside emergency kits make a great preparedness gift.
Get everything you need right here, and be ready for anything from a mild inconvenience to a major catastrophe situation!