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Military grade locking handcuffs ensures control of a restrained detainee.

Police Handcuffs, Restraints and Keys

High-quality police cuffs, affordable and durable!

Our police handcuffs and restraints are regularly used by professional law enforcement and private security personnel. In fact, the brands that we carry are so reliable and trusted, they are even used for prisoner transport operations. Whether you’re looking for classic stainless-steel police cuffs, or a pair of state-of-the-art ballistic nylon restraints, we’re your solution.
What should you look for in a set of police restraints? Stainless-steel cuffs provide durability with ease of carry: they will be there when you need them, and they will work reliably for years to come. Military-grade locking features and universal keys ensure you’re always in control of your detainee. We carry Smith and Wesson handcuffs, as well as other well-established brands like Streetwise and Police Force. With an array of colors available, and with optional accessories like holsters and security batons, you’ve got plenty of options. Whatever material or brand you choose, you can trust that our entire product lineup is law-enforcement grade.
The Home Security Superstore helps you stay protected. When you invest in a set of police cuffs you should be confident they’ll perform when you need them most–that’s why we only carry the best, most functional detainee restraints on the market. Whether you’re a law enforcement officer, concerned about personal protection, or just want to be prepared in the event of an emergency, having a set or two of law-enforcement cuffs around will put your mind at ease.

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