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About Hidden Safes

Hidden safes come with a variety of options so that you are able to find one that meets your needs. There are traditional safes that are mounted into the wall or floor so that you cannot see them and there are also safes that are built into everyday items that no one would suspect contains a secret compartment inside. The type of hidden safe or home safe you need depends on the size of the items you desire to secure as well as how accessible you need them to be.

Having a hidden safe makes it that much harder for a burglar to steal from you because they don’t even know it’s there!

Disguised Safes

Safes that are simply out in the open are begging to be broken into. Traditional locks can also be broken into with brute force, while digital safes are more difficult to get into.  Secret safes offer the best protection for your home, jewelry, and other valuables.  We offer several disguised safes ranging from a concealed wall safe to home safes in plain sight (but the burglar will never see!).  We even offer safes that look like furniture and clever diversion safes.  To say the least, we have you covered!

When deciding on your hidden safe, you should look into various factors to determine your purchase.  Do you need a fireproof safe?  Do you want something unique, small, or discreet?  These factors weight in heavily when deciding on the perfect safe.

Money Safe

People often order safes online to secure their money.  If you are someone who likes to keep money at home, a money safe is essential.  The great thing?  You can find cheap safes that act as the perfect safe box for your cash.  Each safe comes with various features such as being fire resistant, domestic, concealed, and more.  Stop risking your money in a small hidden compartment, and upgrade to a hidden safe.