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About Clock Spy Cameras

A security camera that is obviously a camera may be great for preventing theft, but what if the thieves or intruders know how to get around the camera's view? Or what if they just break the camera, use a device to block the camera's view, or simply wear a mask because they know the camera exists? That's why Clock Spy Cameras can come through for you when traditional cameras just won't do the job.

If a security camera is hanging prominently from the ceiling or high on the wall, well in sight of any criminal who will just bust it or block it, he'll just keep on stealing. Clock cameras or alarm clock spy cameras, on the other hand, can catch the action covertly, so the criminal won't know it's there and at least you'll have a chance of identifying the perp.


  • Clock Cameras blend in seamlessly with your home or office interior
  • Clock Spy Cameras have motion-activated or push-button recording
  • Wall Clock Spy Cameras don't look like any type of high-technology
  • Clock Cameras like Alarm Clock Spy Cameras won't be identified by burglars


Clock Spy Cameras like the Weather Station 1080p Wi-Fi Spy Cam even transmit digital video to your smartphone. Utilize a clock spy camera in addition to a prominent security camera, so if the latter gets blocked or busted, at least you'll have the secret back up.

Protect your home or office with covert video technology. Get your clock camera today!