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About Freeze Dried Food


Relax knowing you’re ready for any disaster with freeze-dried food kits. Freeze-dried meals are satisfying, low in sodium and trans fats, and feature both food and beverage options. Enjoy nutritious meals with a 25-year shelf life and eradicate the need to load up on food supplies before a huge storm or other impending disaster. Our freeze-dried food kits are available in 60 and 120-serving options, as well as one-month options, long-term milk kits, gourmet meat kits, vegetable and fruit kits, and so much more.

Learn about the times freeze-dried meals are wonderful to have:

  • Hurricanes, Tornados, Etc.: Prepare for hurricanes, tornados, and other severe storms or natural disasters that result in power outages, road blocks, and related problems that leave you stuck at home. Freeze-dried meals only require boiling water to make nutritious, delicious dishes for the whole family.
  • Vehicle Breakdowns: Prevent panic during a vehicle breakdown with an auto emergency survival kit. Kits contain roadside essentials as well as many servings of freeze-dried food.
  • Hiking Trips: Give yourself the gift of freeze-dried food during extensive hiking or camping trips. They’re easy to prepare after a long day of hiking and climbing, and provide the nutritious satiation you need to walk many miles the next day.

Order your freeze-dried food supply today and rest easy!