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About Fire Starters

Getting ready for your next camping excursion? No problem! Your challenges, and cooking source, are just a click away. That is, as long as you take along one of The Home Security Superstore many fire starters.

Keeping in mind that fire equals heat, as well as light and food for the camper, you’ll want to consider our variety of products, from survival fire starters and magnesium fire starters to flint and steel fire starters. For instance, want an easy-to-carry, all-in-one option? Check out the Survival Knife w/Kit Steel 15" or the Flint Striker Fire Starter Compass. Need more capability? Consider the Lifeline® 72 hrs Survival Kit For 2.

Ultimately, saving time getting prepared for your trip will end up costing you time, convenience, and maybe even leave you hungry. So do the right thing, and spend the time and energy making sure your fire starters are ready to go so you can stay warm, fed, and happy.