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Global warming seems real, but even if it weren’t, we all agree that inclement or even severe weather can strike nearly all parts of the United States. Whether earthquakes and fires on the West Coast, tornadoes in the farm belt, hurricanes in the Deep South or severe ice and snowstorms in the Midwest and Northeast, we all must be prepared for the worst, and that often comes with a loss of power. Reliable emergency lighting supplies make your battle half-won.

Imagine you’re at home and severe weather has left you in the dark, in need of survival lighting. With just our Crank LED Flashlight Radio w/ Alarm, you’ll have the power of a three-bulb LED flashlight, hand-crank FM radio, headphone jack and DC output for charging devices. Want more backup? Check out the Winbest® 3-in-1 AM/FM Radio LED Flashlight Power Bank, which offers emergency lighting and radio, plus a waterproof design that can charge small compatible electronic devices.

With The Home Security Superstore’s emergency lights, no storm or power outage will leave you in the dark.

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