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About Survival Water Filters


Enduring a burst pipe can be both a major inconvenience and even a health concern for you and your family while you wait for the plumber to repair the damage—or worse yet, to even show up.

That is why The Home Security Superstore highly recommends preparing yourself with one of its many survival water filters. These water filtration systems ensure your family’s water supply is potable and free of nearly all impurities.

For the greatest convenience, consider the Frontier Water Filter Straw, an emergency drinking straw and water filter that allows you to drink directly from the source, killing 99.9 percent of the two most prolific parasitic protozoa along the way. For an even more exacting water filter, check out the WaterBasics 30 Gal Storage & Filter, a high-capacity survival water filter system that removes harmful toxins and other chemicals, as well as odors and bad taste.

Take the worries of illness and bad taste out of your water-drinking future with one of their high-quality water filters today.