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Sleep confidently knowing you are safe.

About Door Alarms

What can a door alarm do? It can help you sleep better at night knowing your family is protected. It can alert you to intruders and even prevent them from getting in. It can even allow you to monitor teens who sneak out! The real question is, what can’t door alarms do?

Many people don’t realize they don’t need an entire commercial alarm system to reap the benefits of door alarms. Magnetic door alarms, knob-touch versions, and even doorstop-style alarms are all compatible with most standard doors and they’re incredibly easy to install. If you’ve got a few minutes and a battery or two you have what it takes to keep your loved ones safe.

The Home Security Superstore has an extensive variety of door alarm solutions from a low-tech door security bar to vibration-sensing doorknob hangars. No matter how small your space is, a door alarm is a simple way to add functional security to your home or office. Installing a DIY door alarm on one or more of your exterior doors can save you time and money over a conventional alarm company’s system while providing the same benefits of instantaneous alerts.