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About The Brightest Flashlights

The darkest places require the brightest flashlights to give you sight and get the job done. The Home Security Superstore stocks some of the brightest flashlights on the market with very high lumen output. Depending on your needs, we stock very bright flashlights that power all the way up to 4000 lumens.

No matter your needs, here at The Home Security Superstore we carry the best tactical flashlight options on the market. With the brightest bulbs and the longest battery lives, our flashlights will always get the job done.

The Best Quality Flashlights

The Home Security Superstore carries top quality military flashlights for under $50 or $100. These torches are powered by bright LED light which never fails to illuminate even the darkest of nights. We also carry police flashlights as well, equal in quality to those used by law enforcement all over the United states.

Stun Gun Mounted Flashlights

When using a stun gun in the dark you may not have a free hand to operate a flashlight with comfort. By using a flashlight stun gun, or a taser with a flashlight, you can combine the usefulness of these tools to free up your other hand. A flashlight taser is the same size and weight as a regular taser but adds extended functionality to the already useful tool.

Flashlight Batons

Just like with tasers, you may not have a free hand while using a baton in the dark. The combination of the two into one flashlight baton allows you to keep your other hand free and ready for whatever you might need it for. 

Whatever your needs may be, we have what you need here at the Home Security Superstore!