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Get alerts when someone enters your home.

About Visitor Chimes

Installing a visitor chime can help you keep better tabs on who’s coming in (and out!) of your home or office. DIY visitor chimes are inexpensive, simple to install, and they don’t require any extensive hardware. They’re a discreet solution to a major safety issue!

Do you often inadvertently leave the door unlocked? Or maybe you work in an office space where you can’t keep tabs on the door? Many of the visitor chime solutions from The Home Security Superstore use magnetic door sensors to alert you when someone opens the door. They’re battery powered and optional accessories like doorbells and motion detectors are available, too. Installing a visitor chime this weekend is the easiest way to always know the moment someone’s on your property.

There are plenty of reasons to install a visitor chime as they’re not just meant to deter criminals. They can tell you when the delivery man’s arrived, let you know when your kids get home from school, or even inform a hard-of-hearing loved one of a guest’s arrival. Sensor-activated chimes can be mounted on the door, on the wall, or even at the end of your driveway. Which one’s right for your property?