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About Self-Defense DVDs & Books

Check out our arsenal of self-defense books and DVD's, complete with popular military manuals like the "Marine Corp System of Close Combat" and the Army's "Hand-to Hand Fighting" guide. Learn how to live on a shoestring with Andy James' "Shoestring Survivalism" and how to handle a natural disaster with G. Bradford's book, "Self-Reliance in Disasters." We also carry instructional DVD sets by professional martial artists, such as Kimber Johnson and Paul Vunak.

Basic self defense knowledge builds mental toughness, boosts confidence and gives you the skills you need to protect yourself in dangerous situations. It can also help you to learn situational awareness to avoid potentially dangerous areas or scenarios. become more Whether you want to learn self defense yourself or want to teach your kids basic skills, self-defense DVDs give you professional training right in your living room. With consistent practice, you'll feel more comfortable, whether you're walking alone at night, out for a run or traveling to a new location. 

Add these books and DVDs to your home library for a cost-effective way to learn important self defense skills.