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You’re finally done with work and ready to take an extended break, hit the road and get away from it all. You’ll be doing your three favorite things: camping, hunting and fishing Your checklist for food, clothes and first aid is complete, but have you considered emergency shelter?

Hunting and fishing often means hours of standing or sitting in the same place, at times enduring cold or inclement weather. Well, you can make sure you’re prepared and comfortable with portable emergency shelter in the form of a SOL® Waterproof Emergency Blanket. This 100 percent waterproof poncho fits over hats and backpacks and covers the torso and most of the legs. In addition, it features covered pockets for supplies and space for ID cards, keys and money.

Planning an even more ambitious outing? Consider holing up in nature’s version of emergency shelter luxury and safety with the Woodland Leaf Cut Camouflage Hunting Netting. This lightweight, fast-drying material is easy to carry, makes no unnatural noise in the wind and provides superior concealment in wooded areas, ensuring your day will be productive and stress-free.

So if you are going to take great care in planning your time off, plan your emergency shelter as well to ensure there is never any true emergency.

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