Military and Tactical Flashlights

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About Military Flashlights

If you want one of the strongest flashlights then you need a military flashlight. These flashlights are dual purpose in that they provide a strong light source and act as a self-defense tool. An end cap on these flashlights can be used to break glass and as a self-defense weapon. Military flashlights are normally built with armored aircraft grade aluminum in an anodized body for superior durability.

The Air Force first started using aluminum alloy to make fighter jets during World War I. That's right, fighter jets. Today, the majority of modern aircraft is made from an enhanced version of that light-weight, super-durable aluminum.

That same aircraft grade aluminum was used to build these flashlights. If it can hold 300 passengers 30,000 feet in the air or zip through the skyline past enemy fighters, we're pretty sure it will hold up for you. 

Use it in a storm. Drop it from a ledge. Hit an intruder over the head with it. These flashlights aint gonna break. Period. 

Military and tactical flashlights aren’t for the weak at heart. They're for those who play rough, those who stay tough, those who are built to fight… and to last.

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