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About Survival Kits


Putting off the creation of a comprehensive survival kit is never a good idea. Disasters take many forms, so it’s always worth having emergency items you need within reach. Survival kits provide everything you need to withstand a disaster for days if not weeks or months.

Check out a few instances where survival kits are necessary:

  • Power Failures: Don’t let a severe power failure prevent you from taking care of your family. Power outages mean spoiled food in refrigerators and freezers among other problems. Survival kits such as the 84-Serving Wise Breakfast & Entree option feature nutritious single-food servings and a 25-year shelf life.

  • Off-Grid Experiences: Go off-grid for fun or as a serious experiment and take a 1-Month Wise Emergency Meal Kit and the Survival Knife With Kit Steel with you.

  • Car Breakdown: Refrain from panicking following a vehicle breakdown by keeping the Wise Auto Emergency Survival Kit in tow. The kit contains necessities such as a first aid kit, Mylar blanket, rechargeable hand crank flashlight, tow rope, jumper cables, freeze-dried food, and much more.

Stay ahead of disasters. See all of our highly recommended emergency essentials today!