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About Outlet & Wall Spy Cameras

Do you need a more creative way to keep an eye on your home or office? It doesn’t get more covert than a wall outlet camera or pinhole cam hidden in a light switch. Spy cameras are easy to install and many models stream real-time video to your smart device. Remaining apprised of who is in and out of your home office or which employees access the safe at work keeps you safe and informed. Outlet and wall spy cameras allow you to remain undetected – and The Home Security Superstore has plenty to choose from. 

How Do Outlet Cameras Work? 

These wall cameras look just like, you guessed it, wall electrical outlets. No one will know you're spying through these everyday objects. If a crime takes place, the footage will be captured without anyone knowing they're on camera. Place outlet hidden cameras where you would normally put a wall outlet: near the floor or right above the countertop. They come in modern or traditional design, so they fit seamlessly into any décor. Wall outlet cameras are two-socket, multi-socket, or power strip-looking cameras. Sometimes, they take the form of AC chargers that you would leave plugged into your outlet.

Best Features of Covert Wall Cameras

Installing a camera into everyday items makes it easier to track movements in your home without alerting a potential thief to its presence. These cameras are also good for monitoring the behavior of child caretakers and other workers. Here are some of the reasons wall spy cameras are so popular:

Real Functionality: Some hidden cameras are placed in items that are just for show, but a functional wall outlet hidden camera or thermostat serves double duty. 

Ease of Use: Whether you choose a smoke alarm hidden spy camera or a light switch spy camera, it only takes a few minutes to set up a covert spy cam. Unlike wired security systems, which can get complicated, wall cameras are simple to use.  

Video Quality: Our covert cameras capture footage and stream in HD, so you get clear images of your home and office.

When you’re ready to up the ante on your home and office surveillance, wall and outlet spy cameras are a great option. You can also choose from the best wall clock spy camera options and cams disguised as phone wall chargers. If you still have questions about hidden recording devices, contact The Home Security Superstore for more information.