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DIY Custom Woman’s Self-Defense Kit

women's self defense

If you had unlimited choices on how you would make a custom-made do-it-yourself (DIY) woman’s self-defense kit; what would you put in it? In today’s blog post we will take a look at some basic suggestions for a custom-made woman’s self-defense kit.

First of all, you should know that women are subject to attacks much more often than men are. So they need self-defense products with them all the time because they never know when they will be assaulted. The most common places for women to be assaulted are: in the home, with domestic violence affecting one out of every three women; in a parking lot, after shopping and with all manner of distractions to keep her mind off her own safety; and in school, where close to 25% of all college-age women are victims of assault at some point in her four years at an institution of higher learning.

The choices are unlimited when it comes to choosing specifics. We will make some suggestions but generally speaking, we firmly believe that a good foundation for self-defense is a basic understanding of self-defense techniques and principles. So, a good basic course that teaches the principles has to be the starting point. Then we would follow up with some self-defense products, such as pepper spray for long-range self-defense, say 6 to 12 feet and then a short-range self-defense product such as a stun gun as the ultimate stopper.

Money is always an issue in purchasing any product or set of products. But when you’re talking about your self-defense, your life may be at stake so cost should not be a determining factor. These suggestions for a do-it-yourself custom-made woman’s self-defense kit are middle-of-the-road in terms of cost. Not the cheapest and not the most expensive.

Kimber Johnson is a lifetime martial artist and is considered to be an expert in her field. She has put together a self-defense training DVD that is especially geared to women's self-defense techniques. This is one of the few such training DVDs geared towards teaching principles and tactics designed specifically to defeat a determined sexual predator. She teaches basic defenses against being pinned, hair pulling and choking. This one-hour video teaches rape prevention techniques as well. She is a sexual assault survivor and knows whereof she speaks. “Women will gain useful and vital skills for self-protection to no longer be easy prey for predators.”

Once the basics of self-defense are learned and practiced, women need to consider getting some self-defense items for their toolbox. We offer a wide range of the best pepper sprays for women. High on the list is a pepper spray and you can get none better than this hot pink purse-sized pepper spray by Mace brand. It contains a 10% concentration spray of oleoresin capsicum and 2 million SHU (Scoville heat units) that contains enough spray for as many as 20 half-second bursts up to 12 feet away. It has a keychain attachment which means it can be with you literally wherever you go. Their flip-top safety cap prevents accidental discharge, and a unique finger grip design helps ensure no mistakes in firing direction. Every unit is test fired before packaging to ensure a quality product.

The final component of our woman’s custom-made self-defense kit is a self defense keychain. This Streetwise tiny but powerful stun gun that is 5,000,000 volts yet is small enough to have a keychain attachment. It is rechargeable using a built-in slide-out plug and has two additional levels of safety to ensure you don’t accidentally stun yourself. It has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Those are our suggestions on putting together components for a custom-made DIY woman’s self-defense kit. There are lots of other choices, but this kit will provide any woman in your life with the basics for a self-defense program.  In addition to your personal defense consider learning more about the best DIY home security system for your home. It's a good idea to add a variety of products to your home enhancing your levels of protection.

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