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Three Of The Smallest Stun Devices

Three Of The Smallest Stun Devices

In our highly regarded story about Stun Guns we discuss in great detail what stun devices are, how they work and most importantly how to use them. In that story size is one of the six categories that differentiate them from each other. It used to be that the bigger the stun device, the more powerful it was. You needed old-fashioned batteries to power it and they were big. Thus: more power = more batteries = bigger size. But that is all out the window now because of today’s rechargeable batteries that are smaller than ever before.

In today’s article we are discussing three of the smallest stun devices that don’t sacrifice much in the way of features or power.

smack stun gun

This first one is this 6,000,000 volt Streetwise brand SMACK Stunner that is available in black or pink-a female favorite. It just happens to be one of the favorite and most popular stun guns that we carry. Aside from being 3 ounces and the smallest at 3.5 inches tall, 1.25 inches wide and .75 of an inch deep, it has a bright LED flashlight which provides a convenient light source. It has two levels of safety built-in. And did we mention that it’s rechargeable? It was the original stun gun that was so small it is effective as self defense keychain. A testament to the quality of this product is the fact that it has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. You can’t beat that!

In our article about High Voltage In A Stun Device we explain that “Stun devices get their electricity from the batteries in the product. Before rechargeable and improved battery technology came along, the bigger the stun gun, the more batteries it could hold, the more power it could create. But all that has changed now and some of the most powerful devices don’t have to be so big.” We advise you to get the most powerful one you can afford.

This tiny Streetwise Lifeguard Stun Gun comes in black or pink as well. It is a powerful 6.5 million volts and produces an intimidating arc spark and crackling sound. It has a black smooth rubberized armor coating for a firm grip. At 4 1/2 inches tall, 1 5/8ths inches wide and 1 inch deep it is not the smallest stun gun but very close to it. It also has a built-in LED flashlight and comes with a black nylon carrying case and built-in outlet charger to repower it. And like all Streetwise products it has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

This Guard Dog brand Hornet Stun Device as shown above, produces 6,000,000 volts in the lightest stun gun in the world at 2 ounces. It comes in black, pink, or white and has a built in LED flashlight and slide out plug to recharge the device.

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