Streetwise Nap Zapper Anti-Drowsy Driver Alarm

Don’t risk falling asleep on the job, studying, or at the wheel!

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  • Could save your life and others lives while driving
  • Helps you keep your job by not letting the boss see you asleep on the clock
  • Helps you ace your exams by preventing dozing off during studying
  • Gravity switch inside the alarm monitors the angle of the driver's head
  • Compact lightweight design and comfortable to wear
  • About the same size as an external hearing aid
  • Fully adjustable
  • Measures 2 3/4" x 2" x 1/2"

Do you tend to nod off while driving, on the job or studying? This Nap Zapper is your solution. By placing this nap zapper by your ears, it will detect when your head nods in drowsiness and gives out a sharp sound to alert you. This works through the gravity switch located within the alarm that monitors the angle of your head. Not only is this an effective solution, it is also lightweight and compact. By wearing this nap zapper while driving, you not only prevent yourself from falling asleep, you could potentially prevent a road accident. The nap zapper is your ideal solution for not nodding off while on the job or helping you to survive through hours of intensive studying. If you find yourself falling asleep throughout the day, then this is a must-have for you!

  • Three (3) LR41 batteries in the device


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Peter C.
United States

It isn't working

When I tilt it by hand it buzzes but when I put it on my ear it doesn't. It's too loose so it keeps falling off. Or it swings freely off the ear so it doesn't tilt when my head tilts.

Tina K

Nap zapper is a great idea but it does not work. Very hard to keep it on your ear and the sound does not work. I'm very very very disappointed !! Will be sending it back for a refund.

Laurel Hager

This product was shipped out new and does not work. It does not turn on.

john d nixon

didnt realize i had a problem till i started using the nap zapper,also good in other circumstances

kody browe

does not stay on my ear good at all the design is flawed but I strapp it on with a head band and the loud noise and vibration help keep me awake driving more so just keep my head straight up but it works

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