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Keep children and pets safer with these pool alarms.

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About Pool Alarms

Nearly 1,000 children die each year in the U.S. as a result of falling into a swimming pool. An inexpensive, easy to install pool alarm isn’t just convenient it can actually save your child’s life. Whether you’ve got a fence up, a tarp down, or another means of preventing tragic pool accidents at your home, pool alarms are a smart way to provide your family with additional security for little effort. 

Pool alarm sensors use electronic monitoring to detect when a child or animal has fallen in. Like smoke detectors, these alarms beep when they need servicing or a battery replacement so you can always be sure they’re on and ready. Gate sensors are another popular pool alarm option, sounding when someone breaks the magnetic seal on the gate to the pool area. Pool alarms are incredibly easy to install and they’re more affordable than you think! 

No home with a pool should be without an alarm. Too many children drown each and every year through accidental access to a pool and it only takes a few seconds for tragedy to strike. Pool alarms make a great gift for families with children and they’re even portable if you know you’re visiting a home with a pool!

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