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Protect your life and priceless valuables.

About Home Alarm Systems:Effective Burglary Prevention

Home alarm systems are one of the best things you can buy for the life and protection of your home. Never worry again about your family, your belongings, or your valuables once you install a home alarm system yourself! Forget paying thousands of dollars a year for professional alarm systems

From panic alarms for your keychain to wireless systems for your entire home, the alarms in The Home Security Superstore give you peace of mind. We believe safety is all about prevention, and many of our alarms can thwart a break-in attempt before it happens or stop a fire from growing. Some of our best models include:

Wireless Alarms: Wireless systems can be installed around your home or apartment without help from a professional. The system may include motion detector alarms and chimes for each time a door opens. Once set, a wireless alarm will go off if there is unexpected movement or someone attempts to enter.

Driveway and Glass Alarms: Our driveway alarms alert you when someone pulls up in front of your home so you’re never caught off guard by unannounced visitors. Our glass-breaking detectors will go off if someone smashes a window in the middle of the night so you’re able to react swiftly.

Personal Alarms: Walking to your car at night feels a lot safer when you are equipped with one of our personal security alarms. These loud alarms let the nearest good Samaritan or security guard know you need assistance. They can also be used for seniors who may fall in the home and require medical attention. 

Wireless systems and personal alarms are just the beginning. At The Home Security Superstore, we also offer an array of visitor chimes, carbon monoxide detectors, door and window alarms, and more. If you have questions, contact us today!