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Home Security: 3 of the Worst Obstacles for a Home Burglar

Worst Obstacles for a Home Burglar

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One home burglary occurs every 25.7 seconds in the United States. While it’s already uncomfortable to know that your property might be targeted, and an intruder might enter your personal space, it’s worse knowing that nearly $3000 is lost in every home burglary

Not all homes are targeted by robbers, though. Rather, burglars tend to look for weak homes: houses that will attract their attention, such as old entryways, open windows, where it is clear no one is home, etc. In particular, they’re looking for things they don’t want to deal with: things that will complicate a break-in. 

These obstacles are sure to cause a robber to leave your home alone. But what do they look like? Here are three obstacles you can further implement in your home security plan to prevent robberies from ever occurring. 

1. Time

One of the first obstacles for a home burglar is time. You’ve likely watched a bank heist movie, and you know the key characteristic of their plan: Get in and get out; make it quick; waste no time. Home burglars are the same way. They don’t want to spend an hour breaking into your home and another hour looking for specific possessions. They want to lessen their chances of getting caught at all costs. 

Some of the first things they’ll look for when inspecting your house are time-consuming elements: doors that are heavily locked, entrances that have multiple cameras pointed at them, and more. These simple elements will be a clear indication that breaking into your home will not be easy. 

A simple addition that will signify an increase in time needed to commit a break-in is to upgrade door locks. A well-placed deadbolt will make it clear that your door cannot simply be picked with a twisted paper clip or an old debit card. Rather, it will take much more effort, which they likely will not want to spend time expending.  

Moreover, rather than allowing them to easily access ground floor windows, you can plant large bushes, shrubbery, and thorny plants beneath them, making it visually apparent that climbing into a window will not be simple. Rather, it might be painful and should be avoided at all costs. 

2. Noise

Another obstacle that gets in the way is noise. Noise is intended, above all else, to bring attention to something. Whether it’s a baby crying, a person screaming, or an ambulance siren blaring, it’s meant to get the attention of bystanders to create a sense of discomfort and awareness. This can be implemented in your home with ease, thanks to modern technology. 

Motion sensor alarms can be placed by entrances, your driveway, and other high-traffic areas to point out an intruder before they can even begin scoping out your house. When passing motion is detected within their field of view, these alarms will trigger, emitting a high-pitched, high-decibel shriek that’s sure to scare away a robber. 

alarm trigger on door frame

Source: Mile Atanasov/Shutterstock

Window alarms act similarly. Once engaged, these alarms will only be triggered when the window it is connected to is opened. An extremely loud alarm will begin going off once activated, clearly letting the to-be thief know they are not welcome. 

3. Light

Last and not least, let there be light! Just as criminals want to work in a short time and want to remain unnoticed, they do not want to be seen. Mindfully placed outdoor lighting can reduce crime by nearly 40%. This is thanks to a criminal’s desire to move in darkness—to go unseen while in the act.  

It’s a smart idea to install security lights around your property, both inside and out. Outdoor security lights are essential, as they can scare off thieves before getting too close to your home. Motion-activated lighting systems are especially good at this, catching them by surprise and causing them to flee before being able to look through your windows. 

Further, the installation of indoor smart lighting is to the benefit of your home security. Controlled by an app, smart lights allow you to manage home lighting even while you’re away, meaning you can leave a few lights on to give the appearance of someone being home. 

exterior of home at twilight

Source: Harry Hu/Shutterstock

Home security is all about having the upper-hand on criminals, thinking three steps ahead of them. By doing so, you can protect your home against robbery and invasion before a burglar enters your property. 

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What are the worst obstacles for a home burglar? 

Noise, light, and time required to break in.

What are common housing weak spots? 

Weak spots robbers look for include poor door locks, unlocked windows, poor lighting, and improper home maintenance.

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