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Stun Guns Are A Great Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon!
Stun Guns Are A Great Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon!

Fake Axe Body Spray Secret Stash Diversion Can Safe


A popular can of Axe body spray is perfect for hiding valuables!

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Item No: DS-DEODORANT Brand: safety tech
  • Can Safe - Axe Body Spray Deodorizer
  • Made from a real Axe body spray can
  • Thieves won't know the difference
  • Added weight makes the can feel real
  • Top unscrews easily and screws back on securely
  • Weighs: 0.45 lbs.
  • Note: This is NOT a working can of body spray.
  • Note: Style and color may vary.

Few people have never heard of AXE body spray making this canister perfect as a diversion safe. No one will question its authenticity when they see it in your home, in the gym or even when traveling. Simply remove the top to insert your valuables into the hidden compartment and feel safe. It will feel real to anyone who picks it up with the added weight placed inside to replace the original contents.