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About Audio Voice Recorders:Buy Voice Recording Devices Online

Our high-quality audio voice recorders and multi-purpose voice recording devices are not only affordable, but are also surprisingly useful in a number of situations. Whether you need to record a lecture, a nearby conversation or even a telephone call, we have the perfect solution for you!

Our voice recorders offer a number of advanced features, such as long-lasting, 25-day battery life and enough storage space to save 560 hours of audio. Many of our pocket-size audio voice recorders discreetly resemble a simple flash drive, and have full USB functionality to easily transfer your recordings from your audio recorder to your computer. No matter what kind of recording device you need, we’ve got you covered – we even offer audio recorder models that use Bluetooth technology to remotely record audio from a cell phone, as well as voice recorders that double as covert spy cameras!

If you have questions about our voice recording devices or any of our other home surveillance products, please call us toll-free today at 1-770-442-0003 – we are happy to provide free technical support and ordering assistance!