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  • Mini Metal Kitty Cat Keychain Knuckle Weapon & Knife - Keychain Weapons

    Mini Metal Kitty Cat Keychain Knuckle Weapon & Knife

    Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
    6 Reviews


    Sold out

    Solid steel frame has twin jabbers as cat ears and a hidden retractable blade!

  • Secondary image - Automatic OTF Mini Stainless Steel Knife 2 Automatic OTF Mini Stainless Steel Knife 2

    Automatic OTF Mini Stainless Steel Knife 2" w/ Keychain Loop

    Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
    4 Reviews


    Sold out

    Automatically release and retract using the slide-trigger mechanism!

About Our Self-Defense Weapons:

Buy Self-Defense Products Online

Empower yourself to defend against attack with our vast array of self defense weapons – browse our array of self-defense products online to find the perfect solution to your needs.

FBI crime statistics state that one in four of us will be the victim of a violent crime. These shocking facts illustrate that violent crimes can affect anyone at any time, regardless of where they live or work. These crimes include assault, domestic violence, robbery, carjacking, rape, and murder. Self defense is about ending a violent attack, ideally unharmed – not about fighting and exchanging blows.

Stay Prepared with Self-Defense Tools

Do you feel prepared to protect yourself in the event of an attack?

Our selection of self-defense accessories will empower you to stay safe at home and on the go. From videos that teach you tactical maneuvers to weapons designed for self-protection, our wide array of tools will have you breathing easier. Not sure where to start? We’re happy to recommend some of our most popular self-defense products, ideal for any adult.

Finding the Right Personal Security Products

Our self-defense products ranges from batons and stun guns to waterproof flashlights. The right products for you will depend on a variety of factors, including where you want to feel protected. Let’s take a look at the types of self-defense gear available at The Home Security Superstore for use at home and beyond.

Self-Defense for Home Security: If you want to be prepared in the event of a home invasion, check out our selection of home self-defense products. These include tactical batons, TASERs, and personal alarms that can be heard throughout the home. We also offer robust deadbolt locks to thwart off would-be intruders.

Staying Safe on the Go: Self-defense isn’t just about being prepared at home. It’s also about feeling empowered while you walk to your car after dark. Check out our pepper spray, stun guns, and keychain weapons. We offer pepper guns from industry-leading manufacturers such as the top-selling Byrna gun. Many of our products are designed to be carried in your pocket or purse for easy access when you need them.

Training for Protection in Any Scenario: Information is power, and it also keeps you safe. Buy one of our books or videos about hand-to-hand combat and avoiding crime to arm yourself with information that can help you avoid risky situations and handle yourself in an attack. Self-defense training will keep you safer in any situation.

Are you ready to get serious about self-defense? Check out our wide array of self-defense gear right now, and then take advantage of some of our great deals on everything from stun gun flashlights to folding knives.

The Home Security Superstore is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality self-defense products online. Our product line is focused on self-defense weapons that are simple to use and intimidating to your assailant, such as stun guns, TASERs, pepper spray, and other hand-held devices. The best weapon is one that is readily available, non-lethal, and effective in securing safe passage for you. Protect yourself today – browse our self defense products or call 1-800-616-5305 for order assistance or toll-free technical support.

DISCLAIMER, RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: The Home Security Superstore is not responsible for any physical harm or damage from the use or misuse of self-defense weapons purchased from us. By purchasing a self-defense weapon from us you understand that The Home Security Superstore does not warrant that you may legally purchase, possess, or carry these products according to any state or local laws. You also acknowledge that you have determined their legality before purchasing and that you are an adult of at least 18 years of age and under no legal disability. By purchasing a self-defense weapon from The Home Security Superstore, the buyer warrants that he/she is in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding the purchase, ownership, and use of the item. The buyer expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Home Security Superstore for all claims resulting directly or indirectly from the purchase, ownership, and use of the item in compliance or violation of federal state, and local laws or regulations. Please check local laws before ordering any self-defense weapon.

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