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About Home Safety Products and Home Accident Prevention

The Home Security Superstore offers simple, effective home safety products that can prevent injury to loved ones. Home accident prevention is imperative to the safety of your family. According to the National Safety Council, injury is the leading cause of death among children and the elderly, and nearly half of these accidents occur in the home. When it comes to injury and death in home accidents, the leading culprits are falls, toxins and suffocation by ingested objects or smoke inhalation. 

Anything can happen in any area of your house, but the kitchen, bathroom, and stairway are the most likely spots you could suffer an injury or fatality. Utilizing safety products in these dangerous areas can eliminate 75% of the injuries that occur at home. 

Safety For Home And Beyond

Are you worried about the safety of you and your family?

If you’ve been pondering your vulnerabilities, you’ve come to the right place. The Home Security Superstore has a robust inventory of equipment and accessories for personal and home security. Whether you want to keep your kids safe or you’re an older adult with slip and fall concerns, we have you covered. 

Popular Safety Gear

Staying safe means preventing crimes and knowing how to best defend yourself in the event of a crime or accident in progress. With the gear from our safety collection, you can do everything from thwart home intruders to call for help when you become injured at home by yourself. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular items for safety around the house and beyond: 

Home Safety: Some of the most important home safety devices scare away would-be burglars. Take advantage of our great deals on wireless home security systems, a spy camera with battery, powerful door jams, night vision doorbell cameras, and more. With so many advances in technology, you can install do-it-yourself systems that allow you to monitor your home’s security from the convenience of a phone app. 

Personal Safety: You won’t be home all the time. Take a look at our safety products that travel with you anywhere to protect yourself at home, school, and when you’re walking alone. Our keychain panic alarms send off a high-decibel alert when you’re in trouble, and pepper spray will cause an attacker to run. Our senior safety gear includes pull alarms for wall mounting that will call authorities if you’re in trouble. 

Car Safety: Many of the best home safety products will also protect you on the road. Equip your vehicle with a keychain panic alarm and emergency escape tool. Our road safety kit has you covered with gear like jumper cables and fuses. 

Child Safety: Keep your youngest family members safe with a variety of child safety products. Our tracking devices let you know when your kids meander away in a crowd, and our LED keychain blinkers make it much safer to bike at dusk. We also have GPS trackers that you can monitor from a smartphone.

Pet Safety: Pets deserve to remain safe, too! Keeping your four-legged family protected is easy with our LED blinkers that can attach to a collar and our retractable leashes. Attach a wind-activated dog whistle to your car, and your pooch will always run out of the way when you pull into the driveway. 

Keep yourself safe at home and on the go! Whether you pick up a jewelry spy camera for your closet or get a pocket flashlight for your car, you’ll feel better knowing your protection has increased. Still have questions? Contact The Home Security Superstore for more information about which safety systems and accessories might be right for you. 

The responsibility of engaging in active accident prevention to create a safe home environment belongs to you. Purchasing effective home safety products and inspecting all areas of your home can help you to prevent a majority of home injuries and accidents. Call 1-800-616-5305 for more information on home accident prevention or for toll-free technical support.

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