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About RC Remote Spy Cameras

A lot can happen on the way to you and from your car. Suspicious characters or activities in parking lots or garages are common. So, don't take the 3 a.m. walk from the club to your car by yourself. Carry a mini key camera with you that will let you record your surroundings should you need to report anything (or anyone) suspicious. RC Remote Spy Cameras look just like the remotes that you'd have on your key ring. They resemble car keys or fobs that would open a gate or an apartment front door.

Key cameras:

  • Capture nearly 30 frames per second
  • Record video and take still images
  • Have built-in memory for up to 3 hours of recording
  • Can transmit captured video and photos to your laptop via a USB cord

Carry an RC remote spy camera with you even when you take a Lyft or Uber. They'll small enough to fit discreetly in your hands, but if someone sees them, they won't suspect your gathering potential evidence.

Protect yourself at all times, and get footage discreetly with RC remote spy cameras. Order yours today.