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About Outdoor Spy Cameras

Want to catch activity before it reaches your front door? Outdoor security cameras are more than useful…they’re practically necessary for this day and age. Whether you own a business, or a large property, or just want some extra security around your home, an outdoor camera can help you keep tabs on who’s coming and going without your knowledge. Wouldn’t you like to know if someone’s digging through your trash or stealing the deliveries right off your porch? Hidden outdoor security cameras go one step beyond alerting you to activity inside your home: They let you know when it’s approaching. Even better, spy cameras for the outdoors are usually disguised as everyday items so they won’t be tampered with. 

Cameras from brands like QUAD and PIR are designed to give you crystal-clear video without extra work. Your video feed can be streamed to a mobile device and recorded hundreds of hours at a time – features like sound and motion detection are optional but nice to have, too! Because they’re made specifically for outside use, outdoor security cameras can better withstand the elements and changes in temperature than indoor models.

Hidden Outdoor Cameras

Start Protecting Your Yard and Deck Today

Keeping eyes on your front porch and back deck is a good start, but most hidden outdoor cameras extend their visual field into your yard as well. When you install a porch light hidden camera or backyard electrical box camera you’ll instantly be able to better monitor your property around the clock. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular outdoor spy cams:

Birdhouse Cameras

A camera disguised as a birdhouse can perch on your porch or hang from a nearby tree. Either way, you’ll have access to footage saved conveniently to an SD card. 

Electrical Box Cameras

One of the best hidden outside camera options is a spy camera hidden inside what looks like an electrical box. Powered by a lithium battery, this type of covert camera will fit right in along the side of your home or a tool shed. 

Thermostat Cameras

A working thermometer camera is one of the more creative ways to keep eyes on the perimeter. You’ll always know the temperature – and who has been in your yard – with this type of hidden outdoor camera. 

When you’re ready to increase security on your property, our discreet outdoor security cameras are here to serve. You can either record continuously or use a motion detection setting that will initiate recording only when activity occurs. The Home Security Superstore is one of the most trusted names in home and personal security in the world. We carry a huge selection of hidden outdoor camera solutions and we always guarantee the lowest price. Whether you’re looking for a great deal, a quality product, or free tech support, we’ve got you covered! It’s never a bad idea to invest in the security of your possessions and your loved ones. Still have questions about protecting your home from the outdoors? Contact The Home Security Superstore today to learn more about outdoor spy cameras. 

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