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  • Secondary image - SpyWfi™ Pocket Clip Pen Rechargeable Hidden Spy Camera 1080p HD DVR SpyWfi™ Pocket Clip Pen Rechargeable Hidden Spy Camera 1080p HD DVR - HD Security Cameras

    SpyWfi™ Pocket Clip Pen Rechargeable Hidden Spy Camera 1080p HD DVR

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    Pocket clip hidden camera stealthily records in HD 1080p with a touch of a button!

About Covert Spy Cameras

Do you have an inkling that someone has been going into the cash drawers at work? Or perhaps you want to know if your kids are behaving while you’re out to dinner. The answer is simple: covert spy cameras. What is a covert camera? These handy, surreptitious cameras are hidden in other items so they can’t be detected and removed or covered up.

Spy cams are an affordable solution when you aren’t ready for a full Wi-Fi security system. They’re also great for renters who don’t have permission to install a more robust security system on their property. Let’s take a look at what people love about covert cameras.

Covert Surveillance Cameras To Keep an Eye on Your Home or Office

One of the best things about covert spy cameras is that they can be used in literally any room. While they range in design, spy cams are meant to blend in unnoticed so that they will never be very large or obvious. They allow you to keep an eye on your child care providers on your lunch break or find out who has been taking money from the tip jar at work – all without calling attention to themselves. 

Covert Cameras Features

The covert surveillance cameras sold at The Home Security Superstore come with a variety of features including:

Creative Designs

Covert spy cameras can be disguised as everything from a cell phone charger to a smoke detector or a wireless router. Spy cameras are as small as a USB drive for your computer! Some cameras are installed within functioning accessories (like a working fan or clock spy camera).

Streaming Capability

You can see what’s happening at home or work in real time when you choose a hidden camera with streaming capabilities. Your camera will send footage to a smart device like a phone or tablet, giving you around-the-clock access to the footage. Many spy cameras even record in HD quality, so you won’t miss a thing. 

Internal Memory

While spy camera Wi-Fi capabilities are cool, most cameras also have internal memory. That means you can store and review footage using the hard copy that has been saved right on the camera. For times when you want a record of what you caught on camera, internal memory is an excellent feature. Most cams offer 16 to 32GB of internal storage space.

Battery Life

Want proof that a covert spy camera is versatile? Many of them are rechargeable with up to 30 hours of battery life! If you put your camera in standby mode when it’s not in use, you may be able to go for days without worrying about charging it. Cameras that run on batteries are a good solution when you want to surveil a room with limited power outlets or you need to position it away from an outlet


Covert spy cams have a few advantages over overt cameras – one of the main benefits is their mobility. Some spy cams (such as those disguised as a thermostat) will remain affixed to the wall, but many can move as needed. Even wall cameras are easily repositioned as necessary. If you get a spy camera that looks like a key fob or air freshener, the possibilities for where to place the cam are nearly endless. 

Ready to start selecting a covert camera? There’s no time like the present to make a plan for keeping an eye on the things and people you care about in your home. Covert cameras are a necessary addition to any home with valuables – they complement a full security system nicely or can stand alone. If you still have questions, contact The Home Security Superstore today!

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